Long ago I tried everything I could think of to help my unhappy, sick son, but his recovery only came when I recognised myself word for word in his story. Through his behaviour and symptoms he 'told' me exactly how I was and what I needed to do.

As soon as I decided to change course he got better within a week, started playing and was happy. This was the biggest turning point in my life. I had been a reserved, isolated, depressed woman carrying a lot of very old hurt and by following my children I became a person with a mission, filled with zest for life. Would you like to know more? Read my book 'PresentChild' for my story and a workbook.

The number of PresentChild translators around the world is growing. We work in families, education and childcare. We are also well on our way towards a scientific study wich will measure the effectiveness of the method. That lost mother all those years ago had no idea that this would become as important, large and successful as it has...!

Present Child uses natural forces like mirroring, the movement towards balance and especially the unconditional love parents and children have for each other! The love that enables us to open up to new truth, be moved, become motivated and heal.