The birth of my daughter turned my life upside down. Deep down I knew that nothing would ever be the same again but I did not understand how or why.

The person I thought I was back then, felt wobbly but carried on in my old ways, even when my base was crumbling beneath me. My search for answers led to my becoming a Psychosynthesis Therapist in 2004. Working with clients I often felt sure that it was something to do with their children or their own childhood that held the key to their healing. The PresentChild method gave me that key.

The PresentChild Translator Training led me on a journey deep within to recognising my lifelong companion, my inner child, for the first time, helping her grow and healing old wounds. One of these wounds related to (not) following my dreams. I brought in my daughter, whose dreams were constantly being undermined by various external factors. Through the translation I felt strongly that she was showing me that I was undermining my own dreams ... just as I always had one.

PresentChild has become an integral part of my job, it is an extremely effective way to guide clients beyond their resistance to enable genuine healing to begin.

I translated Janita's book into English. Doing so was a labour of love. It challenged me to read between the lines, to experience the enormous scope of the method made effective through the the subtlety of lanuage. I dreamed about how wonderful it would be if there were PresentChild translators all over the world. I wanted so badly ... in the language of my heart ... to share everything I had learned. My dream came true (as did my daughter's). Janita asked me to be a co-trainer for the international PresentChild Translator training. A dream come true and wich I carry out with heart and soul.