PresentChild® Translator

I am an American, living in Germany for over 25 years and mother of two children.

It was my son, who 20 years ago initiated my path in Classical Homeopathy.  Since then, I have taken a very conscious, if somewhat unconventional path, in Alternative Medicine and Spiritual Awareness.  

Besides Classical Homeopathy, I also practice Craniosacral Biodynamics, Ho'oponopono (an ancient hawaiian consciuosness and healing philosophy) and recently added PresentChild Translation.

I am interested in the underlying causes – origins of our dis-eases and our interconnectedness to all of life.  My path has been characterized by recognizing and reconciling the polarities within myself.  My outer world being a mirror for the state of my inner world.  As the ancient healers:  Bring peace and balance inside, to create peace and balance outside.

Because we live in a holographic world and every person is a mirror for some aspect of ourselves, relationships and communication are extremely important.

The most 'difficult' part is understanding life's messages and those of the people – our mirrors- around us.  We all create 'stories'.  This is what our minds do.  But, we are most often unaware of our conditioning, limiting beliefs and automatic responses based on experiences which have not been fully reconciled or released, which are also part of our stories. These stories form our reality. 

When we give attention to and come to understand the hidden meanings in our stories, we free ourselves of our conditioning and of these limiting beliefs and ways of reacting.  Our world becomes richer and our 'inner garden' more colorful as it includes more aspects of ourselves.  We learn to accept and love all aspects of ourselves, healing ourselves and all around us.

Presentchild Translation provides a most simple, precise and effective method to translate the stories, so that we understand the message being given to us from our loved ones- particularly those from our children.

In my Practice in Hamburg, I particularly enjoy working with young parents and families. However, I aslo use PresentChild Translation successfully with adultst who want to better understand the message held within their symptoms and dis-eases.

I have deep gratitude for Janita Venema's life work and her sharing of it, for Jean Thompson and all those supporting and spreading this wonderful 'Present'!!

PresentChild Translation has most certainly enriched my life and my work.

Most heartfully

Paula van Tuyl