PresentChild Translator and Psychosynthesis Therapist.

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Children possess a purity and openness that enables them to see through our unconscious behaviour patterns to the hidden pain that our blind spots were constructed to cover up in the first place. Their unconditional love for us means they will do everything in their power to reveal our blind spots, show us the best way to heal hidden hurts and move towards living full and balanced lives once more.

The PresentChild® Method offers a simple, accurate and highly effective means of gaining insight into what children clearly see playing a subconscious yet significant and often controlling or limiting role in our lives. The method has proven itself, not only in helping people to find depth in their lives but also in providing clear guidance towards  positive development both as individuals and in families.

Working as a PresentChild Translator has brought a valuable new dimension to my work, my life and my family, one I cannot imagine being without ever again. I am constantly in awe of the remarkable changes that take place in individuals and in families as a result of the method. Old wounds can be healed, (inner) conflicts resolved and truths seen creating room for growth and development with compassion and love.

Language is central to the method, especially the language of your heart. I offer PresentChild consultations in English. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information about the method or a for PresentChild consultation. Distance from my practice in the Netherlands need not be an obstacle since Skype provides an easy and effective means of conducting sessions at a distance.