PresentChild® translator and Homeopath

I have worked as a homoeopath for the past twelve years dealing with a broad range of illness. When I read about the Present Child Method I immediately resonated with this technique; what caught my attention was how the method works with the strong dynamic that exists between parent and child. This concurred with my experience in practice; how illness in a child is often descriptive of a bigger picture. I have always worked within this larger field, rather than only concentrating on the problem, dis-ease or diagnosis.  I have frequently given a child the remedy of the parent or prescribed on the problem in the family rather than focusing only on the presenting complaint and have remain surprised at the results. By engaging with a child’s difficulty in this way we not only deal with the presenting problem but also with what it means in the larger dynamic of a family.


The Present Child Method is precise way of addressing this inter- relationship. The child’s message is held in the highest regard and used as a map to help us walk into our inner beings – often our own inner child. Through the process of translation an indisputable understanding of the messages that our children present emerges, and a deep and direct healing can be achieved for both parent and child. The results are profound and deep acting. The ability to help heal one’s child as well as oneself is unique and heart warming. When we start understanding the messages that our children are constantly giving us, our ability to grow ourselves and be more loving as parents increases.


The Present Child Method is complementary to homoeopathy and is effective in treating physical and emotional complaints. Issues such as eczema, developmental delay, recurrent infections, ADHD, anxiety or bedwetting are all within the scope of this method. To watch a child heal and come into a state of healthy balance as a result of their parents healing themselves is awe inspiring. I feel privileged to have this as a tool in my practice and to be able to offer this beautiful method to parents. As the first professional translator in South Africa I look forward to spreading and sharing the Present Child method.