PresentChild® Translator and Registered Homeopath

Before I became a Homeopath & PresentChild Translator I worked for many years in the Camphill Movement.

As a Housefather in that environment, I was given numerous opportunities to observe relationship dynamics not only within my own family but in the unique situation of an extended family setting. I also taught extensively including topics such as child development, rhythms in biographies, homemaking and many other subjects which were related to Care and Education. These rich experiences have played a role in preparing me to become a Homeopath and now a PresentChild translator.
I discovered Homeopathy when my family and I were living and working with young people with special needs in a Community setting. I observed that many of my protégés benefited from Homeopathic treatment in various ways. This powerful evidence prompted me to undertake the study of Homeopathy. I graduated in 2008 and have been treating patients homoeopathically ever since, from the very young to the elderly, with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.
In 2014, I came across the PresentChild Method®. It resonated strongly with me and I decided to undertake the training. This technique felt a natural continuation of my life’s work combining my keen interest in children, people, families, education and Homeopathy. It was clear to me that this method could complement Homeopathic treatments very well. It offers parents who seek Homeopathy for their children an alternative which aims to achieve the same goal, namely to get to the source of the issue that is affecting their relationship with their children.  The difference with this method is that the child is the parent’s remedy.

During the training it brought to light how much more could be learnt about the relationship between children and their parents. I was aware and had observed many a time how my own children seemed to mirror me or my wife. I was nevertheless taken by surprise and came powerfully face to face with the truth of this dynamic, discovering much deeper layers at work and so far hidden from me.

At a time where I felt that my task as a father was mostly done (my own children are now in their twenties) the translation process unveiled the meaning of their messages leading me to insights that ultimately allowed me to re-connect with my inner child. The training was a journey of deep inner transformation unlocking blind spots within myself that I was not aware of. It was astonishing to observe that my children knew so much about me and played such a role in helping to free my potential. This process contributed to enhance my own quality of life as well as bringing changes in myself, in my children’s lives and in our family.

The PresentChild Method offers a simple and effective way to get to the very root of the issues that are causing behaviour to arise in children (whatever their age) or disharmony between people involved in relationships. I believe it is a real investment, as it invariably will contribute to lasting improvement resulting in healthier children, stronger families and fulfilling relationships.
My greatest wish is to offer this opportunity to others and for many more parents to share this transformative experience. The simplicity of the method makes it accessible to anyone. I am particularly interested to use it with parents who have children with special needs and with Carers and Teachers.

I value working with people from all walks of life, I am passionate about what I do and I am committed to making a difference in supporting parents and children to enhance their quality of life.            


Also practising at the following locations:

Alchemy Health Clinic
Mindful Healthcare and healing
154, Leigh Rd, Wimborne, Dorset,  BH21 2DB

Wessex Health Network
17 Stour Road, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 1PL

SCA Fenwick2
Health and Wellbeing Centre
Pikes Hill, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7NG