When parents learn from their children amazing changes take place.




Temper tantrums or constantly recurring fevers disappear like snow in the summer, potty training is successful, a child stands up to a bully, (learning) development gets a boost and even children with PDD-nos or ADHD can improve significantly. Parents get better too. This may sound crazy, perhaps even unbelievable, but 30 years of experience working with PresentChild has proved this to be true.

As parents you would do everything within your power to help your child... absolutely anything! This, out of unconditional love. You do what you can for your child and when there is something the matter with him/her you visit the doctor, play therapist or psychiatrist. Often though, you yourself can be the key to change!


How can you be this key? By listening to a story ...  the story your child 'tells' you when there is something the matter with him/her. Your child also wants you to be happy! A PresentChild Translator brings this story to light  lovingly and precicely. If you are prepared to listen to your child's story for your life your child will be able to let go of what still concerns you.

After all, if you want to help an apple you help the tree don't you?

So, just like thousands before you, allow yourself to be amazed and open the way to vitality, health and healthy bonds in your family. Make an appointment right now!

  • Real help when something is the matter with your child
  • The child is spared the process
  • Helps both parent and child
  • Short treatment duration
  • Loving, effective method
  • Sustainable results
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • It has proven itself time and time again since 1994!

Present Child is a solution from the source for both children and their parents/educators.