You can go to a PresentChild translator if you are worried about what is happening in your child's life. They will discuss your child’s problem with you. Your child does not need to be present.

You will be given the opportunity to describe your child’s problem in detail. Most parents find this a pleasant experience. You may have been worried about your child for some time and may already have tried a number of things without having found a solution. You are most likely familiar with the terrible helpless feeling of not being able to help even though you know there is something wrong ... It can often be a relief to pour your heart out.

Your spontaneous narrative about your child is the basis for the treatment. In addition, the PresentChild translator will ask you specific questions to complete the picture. The translator writes down the entire story as literally as possible. Once the story is complete, the translator will 'translate' it, i.e. methodically apply it to your life.

Often the essence is something subconscious from the past that, according to your child, it is time you became aware of and dealt with: A very personal message from your child about your life. It may be an insight, a new look at the truth about your life. It may also be that your child thinks that it is time for you to learn to discharge certain blocked emotions in a positive way. Your child might also feel that there is a particular next step you should be taking in your life. Whatever it is, your child is presenting the message out of love for you! … And in order to get better themselves!

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