If you want to help your child, if you feel that what is happening also has something to do with you and you have been unable to find the key ... then the PresentChild Parent course a good idea.

Together with other parents, experience how the method works. Discover what your child is trying to tell you and help your child along the way.

Naturally, sharing your experience regarding your child and what is troubling you takes place under the guidance of an experienced and inspiring PresentChild translator. The dynamics of a group may work well for one person, whereas another may prefer the intimacy of an individual consultation.

Although you are welcome to register as an individual participant, it can be more rewarding to do so with your partner or a friend. This way you share the experience, together you can review the process later and encourage each other. We have seen that the course can bring couples closer. You are reminded that you are together for a reason and discover what each can do to help your child and all be happy together.