Help your child and yourself towards health and happiness by understanding your child’s message for you.

Your child uses the language of play, development, behaviour or symptoms, to make clear what needs adjustment in your life, relationship or family. Heeding these messages not only enriches your life but also has a positive effect on your child’s behaviour and well-being. This workbook provides the practical exercises that enable you to get to work immediately. clearly and straight from the heart,  Janita also relates incidents in her life that illustrate the method and will be instantly recognizable to all parent. For many readers this has become an unforgettable book.

  • Whilst the book reads, in almost a single breath, like a novel, a life changing experience takes place.
  • The book shows clearly how your child’s dedication to your happiness in life is just as active and fierce as yours is to theirs.
  • The book ensures that you learn to understand each other's efforts whereby both you and your child are helped.

Besides being the author of this book, Janita Venema is also the initiator of the PresentChild method. Furthermore, she is a PresentChild Translator, classical homeopath and mother of two children. She trains professionals as PresentChild Translators internationally.

The original Dutch version of the book is titled: Het Fluisterkind

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