A PresentChild Translator is a coach, counsellor, therapist, health-care professional who translates children’s behavior or problems and relate them to the lives of their parents. This is done respectfully and with precision, lovingly getting to the heart of the matter.

What in the parents’ lives right now requires insight, attention or a next step?

A good translation does a number of things:

  • it provides parents with insight, they are given a new outlook on life.
  • parents are deeply moved by the their child’s highly personal message;
  • it motivates parents (if my child is willing to do this for me then I will lovingly take an active part in this process);
  • it is healing because it reveals the entire truth of the moment;
  • it provides continuity in the necessary processes of change (parents can never again not see ...)
  • and it invites action.

This improves the wellbeing of both parent and child.

Just as children – by way of various signals – highlight problems that parents need to address, so will they show them when things are improving or going well, by ceasing to give off these signals. In other words, the child gets better. In this sense, PresentChild is a gentle revolution; we seem to be able to help children in a way very different to the usual approaches we have tried until now, namely through the parents.

PresentChild is a method that makes use of language. The basic material you work with is the story a parent tells about their child, which you write down, translate and relay back to them as a life lesson from their child. 

Guided by their children, parents become increasingly loving, stronger people and balanced educators. This is exactly what children, in their own interest, require from their parents.