• The PresentChild Translator training is open to healthcare professionals, therapists, coaches, counsellors etc from both the regular as well as the alternative sector.
  • This is a post-graduate training, requiring participants to have a higher professional education qualification, level of thinking and/or work (some people have achieved this through life experience);
  • The PresentChild method is a stand-alone instrument but it is important to us that participants already process basic psychosocial guidance skills. This is most often an own practice or employment in a professional healthcare organisation.
  • You have experience treating/counselling adults, assisting them through transformation or life processes;
  • You are currently working in a representative practice or in a related profession or field of work;
  • An affinity for language, writing and metaphor is essential. Dyslexia may present problems;
  • We expect you to have undergone development in terms of personal awareness. It is important that you are psychologically stable and capable of self-reflection.

This method can be integrated into a number of professions, for example: healthcare (regular as well as alternative), mental healthcare, alternative medicine, behaviour therapy, child therapy, social work, child welfare etc.

The training is often described as ´going directly to the heart of the matter´ and as ´holistic in an everyday way´. This is the strength of the PresentChild method: simplicity and depth in one. A solution from the source for children and their parents/educators. If working in this way appeals to you, apply to do the PresentChild Translator Training.

I am bowled over by the directness and speed with which the essence of a problem can be brought to light. My clients are too, by the way!