PresentChild is taught through a combination of theory, practical components and a personal process.

The basis of the training is learning to translate various matters parents may consult you for, getting to grips with PresentChild translating. The lesson material is for the most part interactive and presented in a well varied manner.


The theory covered includes the concept behind the method but also the developmental stages in children, which – translated – represent a model for the developmental process in parents.

Practical: Learning to translate

The practical component consists of paper and video cases, live case studies, practicing with fellow students and case studies from your own work situation. After each training block you will receive a number of translation assignments as homework.

Methodology and Tools

How do you carry out an intake interview, what are the pitfalls? What are the different forms of translation and which to you use when? How do you feed the translation back to the parents, and what may you come up against? How to deal with questions from parents. Tools to give parents to help them give shape to their process of transformation.

Personal process

The method is practiced as a technique but also experienced through various stages in your personal process. We were, after all, all children once and many of us have children. We feel it is important that you have first hand experience of what you will be offering clients. This means that you can make a huge leap forward in your own process of self realisation. The focus of the training, however, is work oriented and is not primarily aimed at personal development.


You are required to read three books, from the approved reading list, during the course of the training. Other titles are subject to approval by the training co-ordinator. These books can be borrowed from a public library or purchased at your own expense. You are required to write a report on the value of each of these books for you as a PresentChild translator.

Interim evaluation

Halfway through the training you will be given the opportunity for an individual interim evaluation with a trainer. Your progress, any points that need special attention and your personal process, insofar as this affects your work as a PresentChild translator, can be discussed here.

Thesis case-study

The thesis case-study is a report of one of the cases you undertake with clients during the training.

I enjoyed the training; the strength of the method lies in its simplicity.