"PresentChild has become an increasingly alive and wonderful reality for me. It is not a way of thinking but a way of life; not a viewpoint, but a way of seeing. I'm so glad I applied, that I have been allowed to learn this." - Natascha Bruti

"This method is worth its weight in gold."

"For me, The PresentChild Translator Training has been an enRICHing experience. It has given me space and freedom. Thanks to the training I am able to look at our children and the world differently and my lifestyle has changed accordingly. Every lesson brought new insights, opportunities I could take to heart and invitations to keep stepping a little further outside of my comfort zone. I learned that ‘faltering’ and doubt are part of this process. They are acceptable characteristics which can actually help me move forward. The past year has allowed important (child) parts of me to be seen and heard; they have been allowed to grow and (at last) to play outside again. I can use these characteristics and experiences to encourage other parents to open up too. Now that I can apply everything I have learned in my practice, I know that I will be able to open the way to healing for my clients and their children. They allow themselves to be visibly touched by their child’s message. Work no longer feels like work and I am extremely grateful and proud that I took the step, more than a year ago now, to take this wonderful course. I recommend this training to anyone wishing to experience his or her inner (children) differently; anyone wanting to recognise the true value of everything that happens to them and who wishes to apply this in his or her (working) life". - Karin Höhle-Dikken, kindertolk in Capelle a.d. IJssel.

"I enjoyed the training; the strength of the method lies in its simplicity."

"The PresentChild method is and enormous asset to my work with children and parents. Although I always knew that parents and children influenced each other, realizing how deep that influence goes and how precisely it works was a revelation to me."  

"Nothing has been the same since the training. I have come to see my self and the world through completely new eyes. It taught me to recognise what I had not known, namely the characteristics and possibilities that are revealed through children, which challenge me to open up and broaden my view. It helped me gain insight into myself and as a result of this, to be able to guide other people towards insight."

"This is the psychology of the future."

"The PresentChild Translator Training is one of the most important decisions i have made in my life. It has meant an enormous amount to me personally. I hope - ust like you - to be able to pass this on to other (inner) children (like you did)" - Evelien.

“I am bowled over by the directness and speed with which the essence of a problem can be brought to light. My clients are too, by the way!”

“The training confirmed the feeling I had that whatever I observed in children definitely had something to do with the home situation. The concept of a PresentChild became a reality for me. It made perfect sense, and I could test it in my contact with parents and children as well as with my own children. You could say that the training has provided me with the means not only to help others but to deal with my own problems as well and for this I am very grateful.”

"I am very busy translating making it increasingly clear to me just how effective this method is!! Keep up the good work as far as the course is concerned and all the energy you put into it!"

"This is the most intriguing training I have ever done. It is an extremely effective tool, which contributes enormously to finding solutions to the problems people experience. It has proved extremely valuable to me in my coaching practice."