The other day a parent said: "PresentChild is unlike anything I know. so pure and valuable! It is as if my son is speaking to me from his soul. It touches me straight in my heart. This is about me! I can't ignore it and I don't want to ignore it. This is the answer I was looking for!”

Parents consult you wanting you to help, coach or cure their child and you feel that something more is needed to bring about lasting change. But what exactly? And how do you bring that about? Would you also like to work with the magic of PresentChild and the unconditional love between parent and child? Watch below for more information. 

Translating what parents cannot understand
A PresentChild Translator is a mirroring expert in families and relationships. When a parent is experiencing a problem with his or her child, you translate the child's behaviour, play, development, or physical complaint into a loving and effective life lesson for this/the parent. You do so with such striking detail that the parent’s subconscious recognizes this as true and is willing to do what is necessary to help their child and themselves. This is ‘mirroring 2.0’! 

Below you find all the information you need. Simply click ons the buttons to find more information or to take action.

It is out of unconditional love for their parents that children will do anything to help their parents in knowing and healing themselves. It is also out of great love for their children that parents are willing to respond to the messages they receive their child. There's a new understanding. The flow returns. The love - which was already there - becomes heartfelt again and leads to awareness and healing of parents. Also the problem in the child improves or disappears.

"This therapy is straight from the heart. This way of looking at upbringing is brilliant and from the heart. I am hugely impressed by it. This is the key I have been searching for!" - Willemijn Trip, PresentChild Translator in the Netherlands.

Would you also like to be able to work with the magic of PresentChild? You can!

PresentChild works with language, mirroring, the inner child, body-oriented feeling exercises and, above all, the unconditional love between parent and child!

Would you also like to be able to work with the magic of PresentChild? You can! See other pages for more information on how to train as a PresentChild Translator.

For whom is this training?

Broadly speaking, two groups of professionals attend the PresentChild Translator training:

People working in mainstream health care professions*
who sense that there is more to upbringing than parenting.

They sense that children mirror their parents through the problems that show up in children's lives.
They understand that the connection the between parent(s) and child and their mutual love is strong.
They are looking for more depth and new tools to let/help parents become part of the solution.

People with/in holistic health care professions* who usually sense the underlying factors causing problems in families and children.
However, when they try to communicate their feelings/thoughts about the situation they often encounter resistance or guilt in the parent. 
They are constantly looking for the right words to accurately strike the just right chord in the parent so that parents themselves can feel from within what changes are needed.

The coming together of these two groups of professionals has turned out to be very valuable and enriching. 

These online international trainings are organized because Janita is looking for successors to continue her work in other countries around the globe.

* Mainstream professions including family counsellors, (ortho)pedagogues, family, relationship, parenting and child therapists or coaches, social workers, psychologists, paediatricians, child protection workers, divorce mediators, either self-employed or working in an organisation.

* Holistic professions including family constellation therapists, classical homeopaths, naturopaths, NLP-coaches, hypnotherapists, systemic coaches, creative or dance therapists, energetic therapists, holistic-educated child coaches, either self-employed or working in an organisation.

Please, call me for an introduction chat

If you are thinking; "Sounds good, but I have more questions before I make any decisions.
Can you call me for a no obligation chat?"

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Yes, I want to enrol

If your answer is a YES, we will then send you our study agreement. Once this is signed your participation is definite.

Yes, this training appeals to me! I am interested in attending the PresentChild® Translator Training. 
I am therefore filling in the application form.

Registering means we will invite you for an introduction chat and an intake appointment.
This way we get to know one another a little better and check whether your expectations are in line with what the training offers. Together we can investigate whether the training is right for you.

After this interview, and if from our side we believe your application is suitable, you can decide whether you definitely want to enrol.

If your answer is a YES, we will then send you our study agreement. Once this is signed your participation is definite.

Practical information
  • Twenty wonderful, instructive and valuable half day or evening sessions (depending on your time-zone). The sessions take place twice a month over a period of a year starting:
    January 31 - 2024 on Wednesdays: 1900 - 2200 CET for the Western hemisphere:
    Europe, USA, South and Central America, Canada, Africa
    February 1 - 2024 on Thursdays 0800 - 1100 CET for the Eastern hemisphere
    Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, India, Russia, Australia
  • Group size: around 10 -12 participants.
  • Two (!) experienced trainers: we believe that this is the basis for good/sound education. Ample personal guidance in the lessons and a mentor who follows your personal and professional learning process. That is why we opt for small groups with two trainers. Trainers: Jean Thompson and Janita Venema. The trainers are PresentChild translators themselves and have other, individual therapeutic specialisations and skills. 
  • A comprehensive and inspiring workbook.
  • Video material to prepare for each lesson 
  • Study load: 11 ECs or 310 hours including the lessons. Workload: 8 hours per week for case studies, lesson preparation (including watching video material0, practice sessions, own process exercises, book reading.
  • The price of the investment in your work, life and family: € 2575 (0% VAT) including workbook and feedback. Payment in instalments is possible at an additional cost of €50. You can make transfers by bank or using
  • Zienderogen Beter is registered with the CRKBO which means our invoices are VAT-exempt.
  • After successfully completing the PresentChild Translator Training, you will receive a certificate and may use the registered brand name 'PresentChild' to help parents/educators who consult you about problems relating to their children.
  • The training of professionals in the PresentChild method is exclusively the domain of the Zienderogen Beter trainings agency/bureau.
  • However, if you wish to be one of Janita's successors to spread her work in your country and you are considered suitable for this task, then you will be able to train professionals in your country. This would involve taking over a part of the company.
  • The PresentChild Translator training is an initiative of Janita Venema's training bureau:
    Zienderogen Beter, Dotingastate 47, 8926 ML Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
  • Chamber of commerce: 01093801
  • Bank details Zienderogen Beter: NL 79 TRIO 0788956264 
  • Telephone: 0031-6-18065187
  • E-mail:
The PresentChild Translator training program

In the PresentChild Translator Training we work in five general areas:

  • Translating children's behaviour and problems for their parents
  • Feeding back the translation to parents in an accurate, resonating and loving way.
  • The developmental stages of children as a mirror for adult development, awareness and healing.
  • Theory about all aspects of a PresentChild consultation: intake, translation, feedback and follow-up.
    This includes the translation of relationships.
  • Personal process based on translations and developmental stages of children translated for adults.

Read a more detailed program overview that can be downloaded here.

PresentChild Translators Training Program.pdf (94.92 KB)
Reactions from participants

PresentChild is always with me as a living and wonderful reality. It is not a way of thinking, but a way of living. Not a way of looking, but a way of seeing. I am so glad I signed up, that I got to know this!

"This method is more than gold."

For me, the PresentChild Translator training has been a truly enriching experience. It has given me space and freedom. Because of this training, I can look at our children and the world in a different way and my lifestyle has naturally adapted accordingly.  Each lesson was full of new insights, opportunities that I was allowed to let in and invitations to step outside my comfort zone again and again. I learned that my wobbliness and doubt are okay to feel: they are properties of me that were allowed to be there and that brought me further. Important parts of my inner child have been seen, heard and grown in the past year and are finally allowed to play outside again. Properties and experiences that I can use to invite other parents to open up too. Since I can put into practice what I have learned, I know how to open the path to healing for my clients and their children. They allow themselves to be touched by their child(ren)'s message. Working no longer feels like work and I am so incredibly grateful and proud that I took the step to follow this wonderful training. I Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to experience their (inner) children differently and wants to see the value of everything that presents itself in them. Also it is a great method to apply in your work and/or way of life. 

"I loved the training so much; the method is simple and that is its strength at the same time."
"PresentChild is a huge asset in my work with children and parents, I knew that parents and children influenced each other but the depht and accuracy was completely new to me."

"I am very impressed by the directness and speed with which the core of the problem is brought to the table."

"After this training, nothing is the same. I look at myself and the world completely different. It has taught me to recognise what I didn't know. Those traits and abilities that suddenly reveal themselves to me through a child, broadening my vision, challenging me. It helps me to gain insight into myself and through my insights I can bring others to insight as well."

"This is the psychology of the future." 

"Doing the PresentChild Translator training has been one of the most important decisions in my life for me. Personally, it brings me so much. I hope to be able to pass it on again." 

"The PresentChild Translator training allowed me to substantiate my feelings about what I observed in children and what I felt was being related to the home situation. The concept of PresentChild became truth for me. It just made sense, I could test it in dealing with parents and children but also with my own children. You could say that the training gave me the tools to not only help others but also to pick up my own piece and for that I am very grateful."

"I'm happy with translating and it makes it more and more clear to me how strongly this method works!!!
Keep it up, with training and the energy you guys put into it!"

"This is the most intriguing training I have done. An extremely effective tool for contributing to solutions to people's issues. I am very happy with that for my coaching practice."

Training dates in 2024

We will have two fully fledged online international groups of the PresentChild translator training.

WEST: for Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, South and Central America etc.
Lessons on Wednesdays: 1900 - 2200 CET, about twice a month.

The dates in 2024:
January 31 - February 14 and 28 - March 6, 20 and 27 - April 10 and 17 - May 1, 15 and 29 - June: 5
September 11 and 18 - October 2 and 9 - November 6 and 13 - December: 4 and 11


EAST: for Europa, Middle-East, Africa, India, Asia, Russia, Australia, New-Zealand etc.
Lessons on Thursdays: 0800 - 1100 CET, about twice a month. 

The dates in 2024:
February 1, 15 and 29 - March 7, 21 and 28 - April 11 and 18 - May 2, 16 and 30 - June 6,
September 12 and 19 - October 3 and 10 - November: 7 and 14 - December: 5 and 12


Janita is looking for successors to take over her work in other countries.
That means that if you are considered suitable for this task, the benefits of this training are not limited to you, your eventual family and your work, but you could also become a trainer in your country taking over a part of her company. 


Admission criteria
  • The desire to involve the parents of a troubled child in a healing process that goes beyond known parenting and behaviour methods.
  • ​Affinity for working with families, children, and parents. Adults?
  • Affinity with language: a PresentChild translator works with a parent's story about their child.
  • Affinity with language: for the figurative meaning/translation of words. 
  • Dyslexia can sometimes be a challenge. We are happy to discuss this with you.
  • Being able to function (and decide) independently. We take your education, work and life experience into consideration. 
  • You have experience coaching adults in a people-orientated?? manner and are able to guide them in any further transformation processes their child invites them to follow. 
  • You work in a representative practice or a suitable profession within an organisation or institution.
  • You have the opportunity to find and work with practice clients within your work or network. 
  • You have undertaken meaningful steps in regard to your personal development.
  • You are psychologically stable and have the capacity for self-reflection.
  • You are willing to undergo a full PresentChild consultation, with an experienced PC translator, prior to or during the training year (intake, translation, feedback, follow-up). 

You agree to sign up for the full year’s training. The lessons together form a whole and there is no exemption policy. 

Real-life examples

Examples speak for themselves. Do you like a taste of the power of PresentChild?
Then order Janita's bookwatch the podcast or read some of the examples on the website

Study agreement and general terms and conditions

You can download the 'Study agreement' and the corresponding 'Terms and conditions' including the complaints procedure for the PresentChild Translator training here.

Study Agreement 2023.pdf (184.99 KB)
General terms and conditions 2023.pdf (219.85 KB)
Learning goals and graduation criteria

Practical and administrative criteria:

  • Attendance of at least 18 out of 20 lessons
  • Course fees have been paid in full

Learning goals and graduation criteria regarding the content:

  • The student can correctly translate problems presenting in a child
  • The student can feed the translated message back to the parent in an accurate accurate, resonating and loving way.
  • The student can create a safe setting and attune well with the client.
  • The student understands the theoretical framework provided and can apply it in contact with his/her clients.
  • The student can - if appropriate and desirable - convey the major topics of the training to clients in a respectful manner.
  • The student actively participates in the group process.
  • The student sufficiently understands and translates the offered (video) cases.
  • The student has handed in three book reports.
  • The student has had a PresentChild consultation sessions (intake, translation, feedback session)
  • The student has carried out and handed in two satisfactory reflections on PC sessions carried out with two clients, the student has reflected on them and has learned from them.
  • The student has adequately completed and handed in a final paper regarding a third client. The final paper consists of a report on a complete PC consultation sessions being an intake interview, a translation, a feedback and a follow-up session.
  • The student shows professional solidity, is ready to apply what has been learned.
  • The student shows adequat growth and progress in his/her personal process and the capacity for self-reflection through carrying out and engaging in the personal process assignments.​
Training office Zienderogen Beter

The Present Child Translator training is an intiative of training office Zienderogen Beter

Owner: Janita Venema, Dotingastate 47, 8926 ML Leeuwarden
Telephone: 058-2668191 or 06-18065187
Chamber of Commerce number (NL): 01093801
Triodos bank details: NL79 TRIO 0788 9562 64 t.n.v. Zienderogen Beter