You can apply to do the PresentChild® Translator Training here.

Once your application has been confirmed and if it meets with the admission criteria and you will be invited to take part in an Intake interview via Skype. This offers both parties the opportunity to investigate whether their expectations are similar, and of course, for asking questions. Only after successful completion of the intake interview, and by mutual consent will your registration become final. You will then be required to sign the Study Agreement and pay a €200,- registration fee (deducted from the total training fee).

Banking details: IBAN: NL76INGB0009280845, BIC: INGBNL2A, Bank name: ING BANK N.V. in the name of Zienderogen Beter in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The training fee for the International training in the United Kingdom is £2460,-  which includes full board and lodging for 14 days and 12 nights, the course fee for 14 lesson days, extensive course notes (workbook) and personal feedback on your completed translation assignments. The fee may be paid in four instalments.

Early birds Apply and be accepted before 1 June 2017 and receive a signed, free copy of Janita Venema's book PresentChild.

The PresentChild® Translator training is quality endorsed by the CRKBO, the central register for short professional trainings in The Netherlands. As a result, the training fee is exempt from VAT.

NB: All the fields below must be filled in.

I am very busy translating making it increasingly clear to me just how effective this method is!! Keep up the good work as far as the course is concerned and all the energy you put into it!