First International PresentChild Translator Training in the United Kingdom !

Here you will find useful information regarding the training:

  • Training dates: 9 - 15 September 2017  and  3 - 9 March 2018. Fourteen intensive training days in two 7-day blocks. Please note: This is a residential training and attendance at both blocks is compulsory;
  • Number of participants: Maximum16 - minimum 12;
  • Two experienced teachers present throughout the training;
  • You will receive a comprehensive workbook/reference notes;
  • You will receive feedback on set translation assignments and a personal interim evaluation;
  • Study load: over and above the 14 lesson days, an average of a half day per week between lesson blocks and before submitting your thesis case-study (for translation assignments, case work, personal process and personal process assignments, your thesis case study and reading and reviewing three books);
  • The thesis case study is a report on the process of one of your PresentChild client cases.
  • Venue: Ringsfield Hall EcoActivity Cnetre in :
  • Training fee: For the International training in the United Kingdom is €2850 (approximately equivalent to £2460 depending on current exchange rates), charged at a rate of 0% VAT. An extra charge of €12 will be levied for bank charges. This fee includes full board and lodging for 14 days and 12 nights, the course fee for 14 lesson days, extensive course notes (workbook), personal feedback on your completed translation assignments and a personal interim evaluation. The fee may be paid in four instalments (a €12 euro charge will be levied per transaction for bank charges).
  • Early bird offer: Apply and be accepted before 1 June 2017 and get a free copy of Janita Venema's book PresentChild signed by the author.
  • Transport fares and boarding are not included.
  • Please note: Accomodation for the nights of 9-14 September 2017 and 3-8 March 2018 is included in the fee. If you wish to arrive early or stay on after the training you can contact Ringsfield Hall directly to make arrangements to do so (dependent on availability). Costs for these extra nights are NOT included in the training fee.
  • The training is accredited by various Dutch professional associations. Further applications for accreditation may be made in other countries. 
  • The training is quality endorsed by the CRKBO, the central register for short professional trainings in The Netherlands.

As a PresentChild Translator, you will work mainly with parents. This work is carried out methodically using language. You will become part of a diverse group of post-graduate professionals who strive for quality in the service they provide, for recognition of  the method and compensation for consultations.

Completion of the training

Once your expertise in the method has met the required standard you will be licensed to practice the PresentChild Method and use the associated trademarks and logos in individual therapy/parenting situations. The method may be applied within the boundaries and responsibilities associated with your own profession. The PresentChild Method is a supplement to your professional qualification.

Scientific investigation

Steps are currently being taken towards a scientific study of the Present Child method. At this moment the consultations are evaluated online by parents and te PresentChild translators.

The training is an initiative of

The training is given by Janita Venema, initiator of the PresentChild method and author of the book ‘Present Child’, in association with Jean Thompson. Janita is a classical homeopath and Jean is a psychosynthesis therapist, both are trainers and PresentChild translators. Jean translated the original Dutch book 'Het Fluisterkind' into English.  Rachel Welsh, a former participant and qualified PresentChild translator is assisting with the organizsation of  the international training in the United Kingdom.

PresentChild has become an increasingly alive and wonderful reality for me. It is not a way of thinking but a way of life; not a viewpoint, but a way of seeing. I'm so glad I applied, that I have been allowed to learn this..
Natascha Bruti