Enrolment in the PresentChild® Translator Training is final once both parties have signed the Study agreement (after the intake interview).

On completion of the training, and demonstration that you possess the necessary expertise to work with the method you will be invited to sign both your certificate as well as License1. Licence 1 entitles you to work with individuals.

Licence-1 stipulates that the use of the PresentChild trademark and the associated method, photos and logos is restricted to certified PresentChild Translators. Not everyone can therefore call him or herself a PresentChild Translator or say that they work with the method. This is a form of quality control and provides clarity to the outside world.

The annual fee for License-1 is €150, payable in advance. Licence-1 incorporates a code of conduct and allows use of the official nameplate and the purchase of folders. It also allows access to the restricted section of the website. The licence fee is used to develop new products for PresentChild Translators, PR and administration costs, scientific research etc.

This licence also requires you to participate in a (Skype) peer supervision group (3 times a year) and to take part in an annual postgraduate e-conference. An additional cost will be levied for this post-graduate e-conference (cost in 2017 €65).

Should you wish to do so and are deemed suitable, you may apply for License-2 which  entitles you to work with groups using the PresentChild method. This includes parent courses and training days in the field of education and childcare. The additional cost for this extended license is € 75 per year.

Copies of the licenses agreement will be handed out during the first lesson and are obtainable on request.

The training bureau reserves all rights to train professionals in the PresentChild Method as well as all (inter)national publicity.